Proteus Plus 256 review from TweakTown

Every day the war for data rages and much of it is out of the public eye. Lately hackers seem to attack at will and this high profile type of data theft is rampant. The most sensitive of government data isn’t as vulnerable as data that proliferates in the private sector, but the data is still definitely at risk.

Today we are delving into new territory, the land of Military/Ruggedized and Industrial SSDs. These can be among the most interesting of SSDs, simply because of some of the features added to make them survive some of the harshest environments in the world and protect sensitive data at all costs.

Last year the Iranian government was able to capture a top-secret US drone never viewed by the public. The most discussed topic pertaining to the capture was the data that was contained on the drone itself. Encrypted data transmissions and the codes themselves, could allow the Iranian government to capture further top-secret data and drones and snoop on encrypted communications. On the other hand, they could even sell that data to more nefarious countries with the technology to exploit it further.

This event had members of the government and the media questioning how this data is stored and protected. Do we just have drones flying about with top-secret information out there? The simple answer is yes; all governments have sensitive data stored in laptops, vehicles, drones and satellites. The trick is to protect this type of information from those that would seek to capture it.

This is where the militarized and ruggedized SSD products come into the picture. SSDs by their very nature are best suited for the industrial and militarized space. They are more resilient than HDDs, which have moving parts that can be susceptible to failure by many factors in tough environments that simply do not budge an SSD. By tough environments, we are speaking of being launched into space under tremendous G-Forces, flying through the stratosphere in drones and taking enemy fire in tanks and other combat vehicles.

The SSD is well suited to these types of applications, but the business of making ruggedized SSDs requires that there are steps taken to make these SSDs function under even more extreme circumstances.

The TeleCommunication Systems base model comes ready for a rough life, but also has specialized options available and one that even allows for the SSD to work while totally submerged in water. Let’s take a look inside at some of the features that make this SSD stand out from the crowd.