Ultra Rugged SSD

“Rugged Embedded SSDs Sharpen Their Appeal”

(PDF) – a COTS Journal contributed article by Comtech Mission Critical Technologies (Comtech MCT) – formerly Comtech Command & Control Technologies (Comtech C&CT)


Proteus Plus review from The SSD Review

“the Proteus Plus is built with purpose in America, and exudes a standard of quality not seen frequently”

“Mission Critical Application” is any application in which failure of the Product could result, directly or indirectly, in personal injury or death.
— From a Product Brief Disclaimer

Proteus Plus 256 review from TweakTown

“Features that harden the SSD abound with the base design of this SSD providing a tremendous amount of protection from the majority of environmental hazards.”

“Every day the war for data rages and much of it is out of the public eye. Lately hackers seem to attack at will and this high profile type of data theft is rampant. The most sensitive of government data isn’t as vulnerable as data that proliferates in the private sector, but the data is still definitely at risk.”
– By: Paul Alcorn | SSDs in IT/Datacenter

Data Sheets

Triton HC Data Sheet

Download the Triton HC data sheet below.

Triton 2 Plus Data Sheet

Download the Triton 2 Plus data sheet below.

Proteus Plus Embedded Data Sheet

Download the Proteus Plus Embedded data sheet below.

Proteus Plus 2.5 Data Sheet

Download the Proteus Plus 2.5 data sheet below.